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DNS Setup in Linux

+10 DNS  Setup in OEL 5.9 for RAC 11g R2 on VirtualBox: We are configuring below DNS server for testing purpose and basically to fulfill the requirement of demo RAC 11gR2 installation on Virtualbox with OEL5.9 OS. Before configuring we should know little about  DNS: A DNS server is basically used to resolve the Hostname to […]

Adding Swap File in Solaris

+9 How To Add Swap File in Solaris:   Follow below  example to add Swap in solaris: STEP 1: Create a 2gb swap file #mkfile 2048M /swapfile STEP2: Now run following command to append this Swap File to existing Swap Space:  #swap -a /swapfile STEP3: Make entry in vfstab file to make it permanent (i.e. […]