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DNS Setup in Linux

+12 DNS  Setup in OEL 5.9 for RAC 11g R2 on VirtualBox: We are configuring below DNS server for testing purpose and basically to fulfill the requirement of demo RAC 11gR2 installation on Virtualbox with OEL5.9 OS. Before configuring we should know little about  DNS: A DNS server is basically used to resolve the Hostname to […]

CRSCTL 11G R2 Usage

+35 CRSCTL 11G R2 Utility Usage: CRSCTL Usage:  CRSCTL is an interface between user and Oracle Clusterware, which is used to perform several operations to start/stop, enable/disable the clusterware, health check, debugging Clusterware components etc. We can use this command to do operations from one node for all other nodes in the cluster, which benefited […]

Oracle Clustware Command Line Tools in RAC

+19 ++++++++Command Line Tools to administer Oracle Clusterware in RAC 10G++++++++ Below are some more  frequently used command line tools list, and we will discuss about each one by one: crsctl crs_stat     –shows current status of list of resources ocrconfig ocrcheck ocrdump srvctl oifcfg

Timed out waiting for the CRS stack to start

+7 Problem While running the script on the 2nd node at the end of  11G R2 Grid infra installation, getting the following errors.   Timed out waiting for the CRS stack to start. Symptoms: bash-3.00# crsctl check crs CRS-4638: Oracle High Availability Services is online CRS-4537: Cluster Ready Services is online CRS-4529: Communications failure […]

Clean Up After a Failed CRS Install

+7 Clean up aftre failed 11g grid infrastucture   To Clean up failed 11g Grid Infrastructure, run following steps: STEP1: su – root Run  following command on all cluster nodes except the last one.(can be run as "root"  user only) # perl $GRID_HOME/crs/install/ -verbose -deconfig -force STEP2: Run  following command on  last cluster node as […]

Creating Manual Database in Two NODE RAC with ASM without Using DBCA

+18 Creating Manual Database in Two NODE RAC with ASM without Using DBCA:     NOTE: In below whole database creation steps shark, shark1 and shark2 are considered as database name, instance1 on node1 and instance2 on node2 respectively. STEP1: If Listener is not configured then create listener.ora file on both NODES as below: NODE-1: […]

Enabling Archive Log Mode in RAC 10g

+18 Enabling Archive Log Mode in RAC 10g: STEPS: 1. Disable clustering putting cluster_database parameter FALSE. #export ORACLE_SID=cobra1#sqlplus “/ as sysdba” Check the status of archive mode of the database: SQL>archive log list Database log mode              No Archive Mode Automatic archival             Disabled Archive destination            USE_DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST Oldest online log sequence     407 Current log sequence           408 SQL> […]