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Migration from Non ASM DB to ASM DB

+18   Migration Steps from  Non ASM DB to ASM DB 1 create the ASM instance 2.Create the required DISK groups according to the needsDB name COBRA SQL> select file_name from dba_data_files; FILE_NAME——————————————————————————–/oracle/COBRA/system01.dbf/oracle/COBRA/undotbs01.dbf/oracle/COBRA/sysaux01.dbf/oracle/COBRA/users01.dbf/oracle/COBRA/example01.dbf SQL> select name from v$controlfile; NAME——————————————————————————–/oracle/COBRA/control01.ctl SQL> select MEMBER from v$logfile; MEMBER——————————————————————————–/oracle/COBRA/redo03.log/oracle/COBRA/redo02.log/oracle/COBRA/redo01.log Shutdown the database. SQL> SHUTDOWN IMMEDIATE Start the database in nomount […]

ASM Installation With Oracle11g

+16 Oracle 11g ASM install on Solaris 10 with RAW data files ASM Installation with 11g with following steps:• create two ‘zeroed’ files with DD, around 8Gb each. They will be used in a RAID 0 redundancy. This should be managed by ASM itself, and need to be configured. Do this as user Oracle • […]