ORA-09925: Unable to create audit trail file

ORA-09925: Unable to create audit trail file

SVR4 Error: 2: No such file or directory
Additional information: 9925


Some of the reasons are below which can cause error ORA-09925:

1) Check audit trail files directories exist at appropriate location, as mentioned in PFILE.
If not existing there then create at location as mentioned in pfile as:

Mkdir –p /adump

Mkdir –p $ORACLE_BASE/admin//adump
Mkdir –p $ORACLE_BASE/admin//bdump
Mkdir –p $ORACLE_BASE/admin//cdump
Mkdir –p $ORACLE_BASE/admin//udump

2) If directories are existing there

a) Then check the appropriate permissions (read/write) and ownership given at those directories.
If permissions and ownership are not there then give using following commands in solaris and linux OS:

For permission:


Chmod –R 755 $ORACLE_BASE/admin/

For ownership:


Chown –R oracle:oinstall $ORACLE_BASE/admin/

b) Have you enought disk space to write the audit files?

Check the disk space of the mount where these files are residing with following command in solaris and linux OS:
df –h

If space is not there then reclaim space at that mount point.

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